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1) Clear and clean a flat surface
2) Get kit ready
3) Timer at hand
4) Tissues – blow nose
5) Wash hands


Unpack the kit


Add 8 drops of buffer into the tube


Tilt head, insert swab into nostril along floor of nose in backward direction. When you have reached nasopharynx, you will feel resistance. Rotate 4-5 times and remove.


Place swab into buffer tube, rotate swab several times to absorb buffer. Leave to stand for 1 minute.


Remove swab by squeezing TUBE firmly as swab is withdrawn. place cap firmly on to the tube. Avoid touching top.


Squeeze 3 drops from the tube into the bottom well marked S
Start timer: 15-20 minutes


When timer alarm sounds, read result


Record/report as per local requirements

In December 2020 a new strain of the virus was announced in the UK (called VUI-202012/01 or B1.1.7) that is up to 70% more transmissible than the original variant. There has also been another new strain found in South Africa (called 501.V2)
Due to the nature of the testing, some PCR tests will not detect these new strains of the virus
Our Rapid Antigen Test has been assessed against both of these strains and proven to detect BOTH of the new strains

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How Does It Work?

This test aims to let you know whether you have the coronavirus in just 15 minutes!

An Excalibur COVID-19 test is great for workplaces, care homes, healthcare environments are more who require a faster, more accurate coronavirus test.

This test requires a single nostril swab test to collect a sample. This will then be processed using a fluid called extraction buffer. The sample is placed in an extraction tube with approximately 4ml of the buffer. After 1 minute, the sample should be placed on the antigen card. Wait 15 minutes and read the results for a negative or positive test for COVID-19.

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Accuracy of the Antigen Test

The new Excalibur rapid Antigen Test kit is one of the most accurate and reliable tests of its kind. It has been thoroughly tested following the UK government protocols by leading universities research laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and hospital groups in China and Korea. Our tests are currently being used across Europe in Germany, Italy, Austria, Belgium, and the UK in government, hospitals, care homes, businesses and educational establishments.

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Contents Pack of 5
Number of Packs 1 12 40 100
Number of Kits 5 60 200 500
Price Per Kit £8.75 £8.5 £8.25 £8
Total Basket £43.75 £510 £1650 £4000
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Contents Pack of 20
Number of Packs 1 3 10 25
Number of Kits 20 60 200 500
Price Per Kit £7 £6.75 £6.5 £6.25
Total Basket £140 £405 £1300 £3125
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Contents Pack of 5 Pack of 20
Number of Packs 1 12 40 100 1 3 10 25
Number of Kits 5 60 200 500 20 60 200 500
Price Per Kit £8.75 £8.5 £8.25 £8 £7 £6.75 £6.5 £6.25
Total Basket £43.75 £510 £1650 £4000 £140 £405 £1300 £3125

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We have been delighted to roll out the Excalibur Antigen test. We have identified and isolated two asymptomatic positives amongst staff in the first week.

Susie Loader, Chief Nursing Officer 18 Week Support

Rapid Antigen Tests, an excellent and invaluable screening tool by Excalibur – use them and stay safe

Theo Paphitis

The test are very reliable, easy to use and robust. I would highly recommend them in any setting where safety is a concern

Jason Davies, acting MD of Royal Buckinghamshire Hospital

In advance of the testing regime for schools, we are running with the Excalibur test and have used it with some staff members. Easy to use , clear instructions.

Natasha Dangerfield, Headmistress at Westonbirt School

Two positives found in between the weekly PCR test. We are now in discussion with the governing body to update the regime to include the Excalibur Rapid Antigen Test.

Professional Rugby Club

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